Service Portfolios

We have been providing our services all over the Pakistan at customer’s door step by our expert service team. Our services include; pumps repair services , well pump replacement , pumps installation , inspection of pumps


Right installation impacts a pivot role on pump’s performance, whereas wrong installation minimizes the efficiency of Pump & Motor. Our expert team ensures all the parameters are rightly installed while installing Pumps, Motors & Gear Motors.

Pumps Repair Services

Our expert team provides the excellent repairing services. All Pumps repair services works is carried out according to manufacturer’s manual specifications. Repairing includes; Overhauling of Pumps, & Motors, changing of Mechanical Seal, Shaft, Bearing &Impellers.

On Site Repair

Instead of sending your pumps to our workshop for repairing, you can call us to perform repairs at your site which minimized the downtime and expenditures.

Workshop Repair

If you need a workshop capable of repairing any pump, workshop repair from Marine Tech is the best option for. Workshop repair includes

  • Full inspection
  • Replacement of all wear parts (Mechanical Seal, Bearing, Impeller & Shaft)
  • Testing
  • Paint


Our qualified gives consultancy free of cost. Consultancy is the best way to reduce cost & energy consumption of your project. We provide technical services for our clients at their doorstep.

Inspection of pumps

Are your Pumps Motors & Gear Motors running in good working condition? Our qualified staff provides free inspection of your pumps & motors to make sure they are working in good condition. An inspection includes;

  • Any abnormal sound
  • Flow rate
  • Pressure
  • Motor Amperes
  • Alignment


Do you have one a more pumps that are wasting too much energy, are worn out, or are simply not suitable for the application? If so, Replacement may well be the best option. A new, energy-efficient pump that fits your requirements perfectly will lower your operation costs, paying far itself in a surprisingly short time. It will also increase operational efficiency in your installation.