Dosing Pumps in Lahore: Application, Components, Types, Benefits & Buying Guide

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A dosing pump works as the positive displacement pump. It injects any chemical or other substance into gas, water, or steam. Dosing pumps are compact in shape. They offer an exceptionally exact flow rate to allow for the highest level of control.

They are the primary component of an integrated dosing system. It was developed for the uniform and consistent distribution of various chemicals. This definition of dosing applies to a wide variety of applications and industries. This will range from the treatment of wastewater to the processing of food.

How does the dosing pump perform tasks?

A chemical is injected into a pipe or tank,holding the fluid through the dosing pump. It will first draw the measured liquid into the chamber and inject it into the chemical.

The pump can be powered by either an electric motor or an air actuator. Hence, it is equipped with a controller that can switch it on and off. It will regulate the amount of water that flows through it. Some of the models incorporate control systems with a higher level of sophistication.

Components of a System for Dosing Chemicals

The following are the primary elements that make up a dosing pump:

  • The product that needs to be dosed is stored in the chemical container or tank.
  • Pumps can be made from a variety of materials and come in a variety of sizes. Thus, they always have an inlet, a suction line, and a dosing line.
  • Chemical is injected through the product by the injector, which is one way of the valve. This will overcome the pipe pressure to let the chemical enter the liquid flow.
  • A foot valve is a one-way valve attached to the suction line. It is then placed inside the product drum. This valve will ensure that the pump stays primed.
  • A dosing line is a rigid tube or reinforced hose. It generally works for high-pressure applications made from PE, PVC, or stainless steel.
  • Control System ensures accuracy and can be programmed to switch on and off at predetermined periods. It can range in complexity from a short flow switch or timer. Plus, it has all SCADA central control systems for various sensors. It has the added capability of being integrated into a more complex infrastructure.

Guide on Different Kinds of Dosing Pumps

These four types of dosing pumps were developed to accommodate a particular range of pressures, chemicals, and applications. Both the pumping action and the mechanism are different.

  1. Continuous injection pump

Filling or emptying the chamber of the diaphragm pump is also known as a continuous injection pump. It is accomplished through the piston, valves, and diaphragm, which are located on both the output and inlet of the pump.

When the piston is drawn in, the chamber is filled. Thus, a particular quantity of chemicals is injected at a speed that has been predetermined. This is often a percentage of the maximum flow rate. Specific pump modelscan dose at various rates.

  1. Pulse injection diaphragm pump

Pulse injection diaphragm pumps likewise employ the diaphragm mechanism. But instead of maintaining a steady flow rate, a solenoid coil draws the chemical in and then injects it in pulses.

The amount of time that passes in between pulses is the flow rate. Its accuracy is lower than that of the constant injection pump. But its construction is straightforward, and it is less expensive.

  1. Lobe pumps

A predetermined quantity of liquid can be pushed through lobe pumps’ meshing gear impellors. It is not as accurate as a diaphragm pump. Thus, it can only be used with fluids with high viscosity. Fluid should have the ability to self-lubricate to reduce wear.

They are not designed to work with low flow rates because it is difficult to assure accuracy with those conditions.

  1. Peristaltic pump

Dosing with a peristaltic pump is a highly accurate method. The fluid is allowed to travel via a flexible tube that has been bent.

Plus, the rate of flow is controlled by a roller that is moved on the outside by a mechanical arm. This causes the product in the tube to be pushed into the primary fluid stream. It might even push into the dosing tube.

What Should You Look for in a Chemical Dosing Pump?

Now you might be determining which chemical injection pump is the best option for your specific application. Well, there are a lot of different aspects to look at and take into consideration.

You mustensure that the pump you choose can deliver a flow rate. It should be sufficient for your requirements before anything else. Smaller-sized pumps are not built to be able to pump chemicals at the same high flow rates as more significant, more durable pumps.

It would help if you were choosing a pump that is suitable for the kinds of chemicals required by your application. This is, of course, another essential consideration to take into account.

What are the Advantages of Making Dosing Pump Selection?

It can provide a solution that is dependable, accurate, and risk-free. This is the essential quality that a chemical metering pump may possess. There will be no variance in your production process if you use a chemical dosing pump effectively.

This guarantees that you will never have any faulty products due to an inaccurate ratio of chemicals.

Because of these advantages, the end-user experiences reduced reliance on chemicals and increased availability of their production processes. Chemical metering pumps can prevent an imbalance or an inappropriate ratio of particular substances. It won’t cause some chemical-based products to become dangerous.

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